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Sasha!!! WTF!

What’s with the glasses?

Are you trying to kill me?!?

I know R&I has a lot of true fans who tune in to watch, but have you ever wondered how many people are just flippin’ through the channels and see Angie and Sasha and just, “DAMN!” And then keep watching because they’re so hot?

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Hello beautiful ninja person, once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this onto your ten favourite followers <3 P.S. I miss you!!!!

1. Lana “Banana” Winters from AHS is now in my top 5 favorite characters. Ugh ugh ugh I love her.

2. I can’t wait until we finally find alien life. You know they’re out there.

3. I currently have a crush on a straight, married woman that is a lot older than me. Obviously, it’s never gonna happen, but I see her every day, so it’s hard to shake it.

4. Bare: A Pop Opera is all I’ve listened to for the past week. If you enjoy musicals, get your hands on a recording. Ugh it’s so beautiful and moving.

5. Um. I just found a very large, very fast centipede in my bathroom. I vanquished the beast. It was an epic battle. My weapon was a bottle of cleaner that I both sprayed it with and whacked it with. And now I can’t sleep.

(I’m glad you still consider me one of your favorite followers, even though I never talk to you anymore…) :(

Thank you! :)

It’s Halloween and Rizzlebarry is coming out to play.

Zombies Scare, Closets Beware

"My, what a beautiful autumn day," Maura marveled as she gazed around at the red, yellow, and orange surroundings. She and Jane were out for one of their routine jogs in the park. They were currently taking a much needed break at a bench under some brilliantly colored maple trees.

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I just had the strangest R&I/HIMYM crossover dream where Maura tripped over a spot of mud and a passing Barney grabbed her bag instead of her because he knew how expensive it was. Maura thinks he is so sweet and they fall in love and Jane is sitting there totally jealous like, “WTF he let you fall in mud!” and looks for reasons to arrest him.

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hey :) --o

Oh hi! :)

Today my mom asked if she could see my blog. She was legitimately interested in seeing what I was up to and what people follow me for. I just told her it was too nerdy (aka too much lesbian content.) Aww, maybe someday, Mom…

I think my dad forgot who I was for a second there...

<p dir=ltr> My dad: Would you date Sasha?<br>

Me: I don't get your question.<br>

My dad: Would you date Sasha?<br>

Me: My Sasha? You mean Alexander?<br>

My dad: Yeah. Would you date her?<br>

Me: The woman I obsess over constantly? Of course. <br>

My dad: Like kissy kissy date her?<br>

Me: Uh, yeah! Hello? Do you know who you are talking to? Who wouldn't date her?!?</p>

I don’t really get worked up about celebrities. Like, at all. I can totally play it cool if I see one. No big deal.

But if I was ever in a 10 mile radius of Sasha Alexander, I would strongly hope for her sake that she had body guards with her because I would not be responsible for my most likely inappropriate actions.

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